Field of Interests

Currently I am focusing on Statistical & Mathematical Modeling of Medical Signals and Systems. In this base, my field of interests consists of introducing efficient algorithms for biomedical signal analysis and processing including multidimensional data, time-frequency analysis tools including x-lets, denoising and signal/image recovery, and statistical signal processing.

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MISP research center

Medical Image and Signal Processing (MISP) Research Center is located at the heart of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. The center was established in 2005 with close collaboration of faculty members from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Isfahan university of Technology. At MISP we work on different aspects of biomedical engineering, biomedical image and signal processing. We are dedicated to find new technical solutions for medical devices and fill the gap between the medical and engineering communities. Our missions are To create a place for researchers to work on fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research projects. To communicate with government in order to contribute to society's health To highlight scientific influence of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in national and international communities. More information are available at

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Available Datasets

You can freely download/upload the datasets from: Isfahan MISP Datasets (

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Atomic Representation

A Summarized Table about Atomic Representation

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Image Restoration

State-of-the-art Method for Image Restoration

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Image Modeling

A Summarized Table about Image Modeling

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